Rules & Regulations

School Timings:

Reporting Time: 8.30 AM for All.

School Uniform:

Navy blue shorts and light blue checked shirt bearing school crest.
V - X:
Navy blue trouser and navy blue checked shirt bearing school crest. Belt with badge,tie, black leather shoes with laces and white shocks with blue border/blue shocks with white border.

Light blue checked frock bearing school crest.
V - X:
Navy blue skirt and navy blue checked shirt bearing school crest. Belt with badge,tie, black leather shoes with straps and white shocks with blue border/blue shocks with white border.

Admission Procedure:

New admission starts in September each year for the session January to December. Admission starts from 2+ Years, upto class IX. After collecting FORM FOR ADMISSION from school office following documents must be produced at the time of admission.
• Photo copy of Birth Certificate.
• Four copies of recent stamp size photographs.
• Transfer certificate need in case of student getting admission in class II onwards.

School Fees:

Fee are to be deposited by the 15th of the current month.


• A minimum of 80% attendance is compulsory, otherwise the student will not be allowed to sit for the annual examination.
• Prior sancation of leave is compulsory in case of continuous absence.
• In case of any strike, classes are normally suspended.
• In case of any leave taken, an application is a must.

Existing Examination:

Preparatory Classes: (Montessori to Kindergarten).
1st Semester, 2nd Semester and Annual Examination. Rank is recompense on the average performace of the aforestated exams.
From Class I onwards:
The school holds two summative Examinations (SA-I and SA-II) and four Formative Examination (FA-I to FA-IV) in one academic years. In between regular class tests are also taken.
Progress report are issued to the parents after each SA examination and parents are requested to meet the teachers or the Principal about his child's shortcomings if any.
Promotion is decided on the basis of the whole year's performance and NOT on the basis of any one examination.

Request to Parents/Guardians:

• DEPARTURE: Guardians are requested to collect theri ward after school is over only. In case of early departure, pleaseinform the same at school office accordingly at the timeof entry.
• SCHOOL DIARY: This is very vital and guardians are to follow this regularly. They are also requested to put their signature on the respective column. It should be checked everyday.

Rights And Responsibilities of Students:

• Students should come to school in proper uniform only and it must be clean and tidy,else they would not be allowedto enter in school.
• Coloured dress is allowed only on the day of BIRTHDAY of the student.
• Students should attend classes regularly.In case of absent an APPLICATION for leave is to be submitted by next working day. Leave application formore than two days absent mustbe supportedby a doctor/medicalcertificate.
• Moral behaviour andexemplary discipline are expected from the students and areto be followed strictly.
• Nail cutting: Fingers of both the handsand legs are o free from nail.
• Labelling: The bag, Tiffin box, Pencil box, Water bottle, shoes etc.areto be labeled properly by written the name of the student, class and rol number.
• Identity card: The student must hang daily the small identity card from neck.
Bringing of any sorts of firecracker to school is strictly prohibited.
• No studentshould engageor entertained ragging in school premises. If any body is found guilty in doing this he or she has to face exemplary punishment.