Classes & Facilities

Method Of Teaching:

We follow the most scientific and play way method of teaching for the students, so that students learn with pleasure. Our system of teaching enables the children to face the competitive world. We believe to stimulate the child's imagination by providing opportunities for the child to grow and develop while, reading listening and playing. We believe in learning by doing. Therefore, our equipments, toys and teaching aids are selected keeping in mind a child's need to touch, explore, learn and enjoy.


BALLY EDU-CARE has a team of qualified, experienced and trained teachers for the cause of meeting the objectives of the institution. As a result the teacher evolves from someone who issues periodic judgement on students performance to one who plays a role of a friend. We have teachers committed for quality education.We feel that children are the flowers and flowers need to be cultivated, watered and cared for. This is done collectively by the family, teachers and school's environment.

Traditional Value:

We inculcate enduring Indian values in our students. For instance they are taught the essence of Traditional Yoga and Meditation to sharpen their minds and cleanse their bodies. Our liberal environment encourages them to be awakened, progressive and secular citizen.

Audio-Visual Centre:

Most modern Audio-Visual teaching aids are provided to make learning easier and more enjoyable to the students. We have software on different subjects and topics for all the classes. Along with LCD projector to teach difficult topics in the easiest manner.

Computer Laboratory:

This is the age of information technology. Computer education has become a part and parcel of modern education. Keeping this in view the school has setup the most modern and sophisticated computer laboratory which is equipped with the latest Hardware and software on education. It is also connected to Internet.

Science Laboratory:

We inculcate the practical conception of the theories studied by the students in books. All the practical demonstrations are done in three distinguished and well equipped PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY and BIOLOGY Laboratories.


Our students enjoy reading books from versatile fields to develop their knowledge apart from curricular study in the School Library. The school has a huge library with modern infrastructure.